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Enviu: ONEforONE helps people to obtain clean water and solar energy.

By: Dhani I Gde Rahmawan | 27.04.2011

Enviu develops innovative solutions to environmental and social issues and introduces these to the market. We collaborate with a large group of young entrepreneurial people, senior executives, corporate partners and universities to co-create these innovative businesses.

Each month we highlight an entrepreneur that Green.2 magazine spotted.

Wouter Durville (30) gave up a glorious business career to establish a company called ONEforONE, which helps people in developing countries obtain clean drinking water and solar energy.

BASIC NEEDS: ‘You give what you buy. That’s our motivation,’ says Wouter Durville, founder of ONEforONE, an organisation for direct aid in developing countries.

ONEforONE works according to the buy-one-give-one principle: when you buy a bottle, you provide a person in a developing country drinking water for the rest of his life. When you choose to go with green energy, someone will get a solar panel.

Soon, health care insurances will also be available through ONEforONE. Although environmental compatibility is important, the companies priority is improving societies: ‘Being green is an aim but not our main goal. Our focus is more on the social aspect: raising people’s standard of living. That’s why I aim myself at the basic needs: water, health care and energy.’

GOLDEN HANDCUFFS: It became obvious that Durville would at one point set up his own business: ‘Being self-employed is in my blood. At school, I used to organise parties or sell candy. Even after my courses, when I went into the business sector, I knew my heart was in a business of my own.’

A difficult decision as Durville’s career made a head start and he was promoted several times, therefore following his dream wasn’t easy. ‘It’s a strange feeling when you realise everything is going so well. You slowly get locked up in your own success; a bit like wearing golden handcuffs. I was working for multinationals like Bain & Company and Heineken, lived in hotels and flew all over the world. A fast raising salary, a nice car. It didn’t end. Try to escape from that.’

Want to know more about Wouter Durville and what made him change his life? Check the new GREEN.2.

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